Hardox Flu-300 - Cement Based Floorings - Floorings

Hardox Flu-300

Fast-setting self-leveling flooring screed with prolonged workability and compensated shrinkage, ideal for layers 2-30 mm. Used for smoothing and leveling uneven floors, with fast …

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Hardox extra - Cement Based Floorings - Floorings

Hardox extra

Quartz sand cement-based surface hardener for high quality industrial concrete floors. Ideal for extremely demanding surfaces in abrasion resistance and in places where high …

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Bau Resina - Cement Based Floorings - Bauer Resina - Products of the system - Floorings

Bau Resina

Unique aesthetic wall and floor lining material, thin thickness (2-4mm), cement base, and quartz in various colors to create a stable high-strength concrete surface …

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