The most efficient and complete EIFS for walls offering top insulation choice in reliability, durability, flexibility and economy by combining the use of all options of insulating materials, organic and inorganic materials for bonding and reinforcement layer and all organic renders, colors and decorative surfaces. Learn More




Warranty BAUER

  • BAUER expertise
  • 50 years of experience
  • The highest quality and workmanship of the materials
  • CE Marking in the system and products
  • Certification ETA (European Technical Approval)
  • Top resistance, unique elasticity, unsurpassed resistance to shocks and cracks
  • Total freedom in colors and textures of the final surface
  • Continuous development of materials and construction methods for durability and economy

All the advantages of a system

  • Superior strength and durability.
    Designed by BAUER to protect your building from any outside influence for decades.
  • Energy saving.
    The most reliable investment with a guaranteed profit for the entire life of the building.
  • Superior protection against moisture and mold.
    High water resistance and excellent breathability of the building ensuring walls without condensation and molds.
  • Maximum protection from cracking.
    The most effective method of renovation on old facades that have cracks and other problems by providing maximum flexibility, strength and protection for several decades by reducing the contractions of components and cracked.