BAUER 25 Years Guarantee

The company ensures that BAUER products it provides, covered by this 25-year guarantee,
are free of any defects and will maintain their intended functionality for 25 years from the
purchase date under the full guarantee.

Guarantee Terms

  1. The products must be used strictly in accordance with all technical specifications (including
    product information and technical data sheets) in effect at the time of purchase, as well as the
    correct application practices of the product.
  2. The work must be adequately maintained to avoid being affected by unforeseen or unusual
    circumstances, should not undergo unusual or negligent use, and should not undergo any
    subsequent work without prior written agreement.
  3. The products must be stored in accordance with the instructions provided in the packaging
    and technical documentation and must be used within the specified storage period.
  4. Any malfunctions should be promptly reported to the Company, providing sufficient
    information, records, licenses, and proof of purchase of the products to facilitate investigation
    of the request.
  5. The products should not be used in conjunction with products from other manufacturers that
    have not been validate by us.


Our liability under this guarantee is confined to the reasonable expenses of materials
(including replacement products) and labor (excluding travel expenses for the technician)
involved in remedial work. It specifically excludes any consequential losses, whether direct or
indirect, such as wasted time, materials, or expenses,
as well as loss of use, profit, production, revenue, expected savings, or goodwill. It’s important
to note that this guarantee does not impede the statutory rights of consumers.


The terms and conditions regarding BAUER products covered by the 25-year guarantee are
outlined in our product Technical Data Sheets. For further information and/or copies, please
contact the company’s Sales Department.

September 2019

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