For Bauer sustainable growth and wellbeing represents a deep sense of responsibility.

As a company that relies heavily on natural materials and delivers products for building living spaces, environmental thinking is central to our business model.

We also believe that sustainability and innovation are inseparable because they represent two elements essential to mastering today’s and tomorrow’s global challenges.

The increasing awareness among nations for the need of an equilibrium between communities and nature combined with the social requirement for a balance between economic demands and ecological compatibility increase for Bauer the need for taking measures towards this directions. Now more than ever, new ideas based on a holistic, networked approach are called for.

At Bauer we believe that leadership begins with integrity, ethics and environmentally sound operations. We see Bauer as a company that is not only focused on delivering value but on doing it in a safe, ethical and environmentally responsible manner.
Bauer is committed to environmental health and safety excellence throughout our operations, both to live up to our social responsibilities and as a means to build the value of our businesses. We pledge to strive for continuous improvement towards the vision of no accidents, injuries or harm to the environment.

For Bauer sustainability means performance in harmony with nature and humanity. We are meeting the increasing demand expressed by consumers, governmental agencies and public authorities for improved environmental protection and sustainable development in all our products. With high-performance products based on natural raw materials and the development of future-viable innovations, Bauer offers improved performance and environmental compatibility.