A leading company in high performance construction chemicals and mortars

More than 50 years of expertise

BAUER is a company with a leading presence in high performance construction chemicals and mortars, with a particular focus on environmentally friendly products and activities. Having, more than 50 years of experience in the field of chemical products based on natural and renewable raw materials, BAUER offers innovative products and solutions for the construction industry, which make our life better.

BAUER has a long heritage in the production of high quality products, providing innovative solutions, applied experience and excellent personalised services since 1970. With a precise focus on the areas of well-being and sustainable growth, BAUER has dedicated its activities to the highest level of quality and supply of natural products for the construction industry. Whatever your needs are in construction chemicals and mortars, please contact us for a timely and professional assistance.

BAUER produces and supplies it’s customers with a wide range of building chemicals and mortars for different construction applications, summarised in the following categories


  1. Waterproofing products
  2. Insulation systems
  3. Repairing products & additives for concrete and mortar
  4. Tile adhesives & grouts
  5. Industrial floors & Screeds

We develop innovative solutions for each market, using a combination of natural and renewable raw materials along with our deep knowledge in specialized chemicals.

Research & Development

BAUER’s R&D team is next to the construction professionals, discovering their real needs in real conditions and participates in many research programs, often with universities and research institutes in Europe, focusing on the development of high quality and environmentally friendly products, creating new business opportunities, renewing existing know-how of the company.
In addition, BAUER can offer customised product solutions to apply to the specific needs of buildings and projects. The continues development of the product portfolio is crucial to maintain competitive and to meet the always changing needs of the company’s customers.

Bauer's products must be perfect in every aspect. They combine unparalleled performance with ingenuity and offer simplicity of use and definitive solutions


Supported by modern facilities and a fully automated production in all production stages, the company today can increase its production capacity to 2,000 tons of dry mortar per day. All products and processes are subject to systematic inspections to ensure the quality stability of BAUER.
The company has been certified for the implementation of the Quality Management System for the design, development, production and distribution of products by the German notified body Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität in accordance with the company’s requirements according to ISO 9001. BAUER implements a holistic factory approach Production Control to ensure that the products meet the requirements set by the European directives, so that they can be placed on the market, bearing the CE mark.


For us, the responsibility of the product goes far beyond the gates of our factory. It starts before the production process, with the appropriate selection of raw materials based on sustainability and environmental awareness, and continues throughout the supply chain and the life cycle of our products.
This is why we systematically seek to maximize the efficiency, safety and environmental compatibility of our products.

BAUER’s Technical Department provides value-added services to its customers / partners. It provides daily answers to technical questions about it’s products, visits projects to offer know-how and real solutions and supports it’s customers / partners in anything else they might require, ensuring that way the correct product application in every case.

Good cooperation always has two winners. BAUER not only wants to offer high quality tested products, but also seeks to provide high quality services that provide our partners in the construction industry with real benefits.

Considering the above, BAUER maintains a well-organized logistics system consisting of modern and smart warehouse and distribution centers, in order to provide immediate supply to its customers. Keeping an adequate stock of raw materials as well as products, that can meet any demand in a short period of time and having a well-organized and flexible distribution network, BAUER promises fast delivery of products to its customers without mistakes.