In harmony with nature

We pay special attention to how we live in the residential areas and how they are constructed, the breathability of the wall as the insulation of the building, and chemical pollution as air quality interiors. BAUER combines authority on specialty chemicals to the market knowledge. Creates unique promotions and products based on natural, renewable raw material, always staying focused on the end consumer and always closely in tune with the industrial process.

Sick Building Syndrome

Studies of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission on the air quality of indoor led it to conclude that the contamination of indoor air can be from 2 to 3 times worse than outdoor air. The microclimate of the interior, combined with chemical pollution has a significant impact on the quality of the spaces in which we live, and therefore in our prosperity.

According to World Health Organization estimates, 20% of the western world’s population is infected with the Sick Building syndrome (headaches, nausea, irritation, an increasing number of allergic reactions and asthma cases in children and young adults), for which implicated low quality of building materials of chemical origin and insufficient capacity of transpiration of buildings.

The use of environmentally friendly and natural materials which does not release polluting substances can contribute to a microclimate interior with natural breathability and high energy efficiency, addressing the need for a residential area close to nature and ensuring immediate comfort and welfare.

Green engineering

The energy consumption of the building sector accounts for 40% of total energy consumption and accounts for 45% of national emissions of carbon dioxide. Energy saving to protect the environment and improve energy and environmental performance of buildings is the basis of the philosophy of Green Building. By using natural insulating coatings and insulating mortars capable of transpiration ensure optimum insulation, while maintaining the breathability of the wall to the well-being inside buildings, which are less costly in terms of heating and cooling them, and healthier and environmentally friendly.

Warranty BAUER

  • BAUER expertise
  • 50 years of experience
  • The highest quality and workmanship of the materials
  • CE Marking in the system and products
  • Certification ETA (European Technical Approval)
  • Top resistance, unique elasticity, unsurpassed resistance to shocks and cracks
  • Total freedom in colors and textures of the final surface
  • Continuous development of materials and construction methods for durability and economy

All the advantages of a system

  • Superior strength and durability.
    Designed by BAUER to protect your building from any outside influence for decades.
  • Energy saving.
    The most reliable investment with a guaranteed profit for the entire life of the building.
  • Superior protection against moisture and mold.
    High water resistance and excellent breathability of the building ensuring walls without condensation and molds.
  • Maximum protection from cracking.
    The most effective method of renovation on old facades that have cracks and other problems by providing maximum flexibility, strength and protection for several decades by reducing the contractions of components and cracked.