Over the years, we have learned a lot about our customer’s needs, wishes and what they expect from the products they buy.

From consumer insights to final production, we take a systematically holistic approach that utilizes all our specialized knowledge and expertise. That is the reason why we don’t just talk about fulfilling the standards implemented by National Norms and regulations or the discovery of a new molecule when we talk about innovation.

We talk about identifying and anticipating market needs and meeting them with targeted solutions that offer real user benefits for our customers. Every part of our organization plays an active role in making Bauer a driving force in each of its markets, by creating innovative building solutions.

We design and implement innovative solutions oriented to improve health and quality of life by building materials friendly to nature creating healthy indoor and outdoor environment.

People should not be forced to adapt to the complex requirements of technology but the technology should be adapted to the requirements of people. The main target for our R&D function is to support business by developing new products, by creating new business opportunities, and by renewing existing products. This continuous development of the product portfolio is essential for keeping Bauer competitive and for meeting the changing needs of customers. The scientific personnel of the company stands by the construction professionals, discovering the real needs and provide immediate solutions always in real conditions.

At Bauer we try to create products that combine unparalleled performance with the ingenuity and ease of use. All products of Bauer provide absolute confidence, security and performance duration not ever achieved by similar materials.

Bauer participates in numerous research projects with universities and research institutes around the world always implementing the latest technological developments of construction material in the global market. Quality assurance system is implemented for the design, development, production and distribution of products by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität following the requirements of ISO 9001. Bauer makes research that expands the boundaries of the possible, in a world where everything is disposable, we produce products to last for life. When it comes to safety, we know no compromise. our concept starts with the planning and design of our facilities and continues in day to day operations. At every stage, processes are carefully engineered to minimize hazards.