Our philosophy describes the company’s vision for the future and our internal compass that lead all of our efforts.

Our inheritance is the common denominator which has been connecting Bauer’s products for over 50 years. Continuous respect towards our founding values and the constant desire to challenge the standards is what makes us different. By always applying the most innovative methods for the production of construction materials worldwide, Bauer quickly rose to the top. In a world where everything is beginning to become comparable, Bauer compares with no other.

Since its foundation, company liability has been an integral part of its identity and it is not a recent development or a separate entity in the broader context of our proposal. We have built our company strategy around our vision and values and have ensured that this is displayed in every company expression.

We venture in ways that ensure a safe and healthy environment for our employees and associates as well as the local communities in which we operate.

Our main priority is the long-standing relationship between our company and our customers-associates, which is based on high quality products and the differentiated service we offer. We have managed to have a leading presence in the area based on a framework of values, which offers the company a strategic and business direction and ensures that we are all working and operating for the same purpose. We place particular value on collectivity, honesty and responsibility. We take no short-cuts with concerns to our values.

Bauer is committed to conducting its business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and expects all associates to be sensitive to ethical considerations and the consequences of their actions on the company, its reputation and its continuing business and public relationships.