BAUER is a leading company in high performance construction chemicals and mortars with a particular focus on eco-friendly products and activities. Utilizing its more than 50 years of experience in chemistry based on natural, renewable raw materials, BAUER markets innovative products and solutions for the construction industry that help us live better.

With a precise focus on the areas of well-being and sustainable growth BAUER has dedicated its activities to the highest level of quality delivering natural source materials for the construction industry. Whatever your needs are in construction chemicals and mortars please contact us for timely and professional assistance.

BAUER produces and supplies its customers with a wide range of building chemicals and mortars for different construction applications, summarized within the following 6 categories.
Waterproofing materials
Tile adhesives and grouts
Repairing materials and additives for concrete and mortar
Insulation systems
Industrial floors

At Bauer our goal is simple. Instead of a series of redundant features, we can offer real solutions.

As a company with a deep understanding of our customers markets and demands, our portfolio covers complete solutions and products that directly meet consumer demands for the best indoor well-being.

We pay great attention to how we inhabit our living spaces and how they are built, from the breathability of walls to how the building is insulated, and from chemical pollution to the healthiness of the indoor environment.

Bauer combines specialty chemicals competence with marketing know-how and to create unique offerings and products based on natural, renewable raw materials, always focused on the end consumer and always closely in tune with the industrial process.