Hardox Flu-100 - Cement Based Floorings - Floorings

Hardox Flu-100

Fast-setting self-leveling flooring screed with prolonged workability and compensated shrinkage, ideal for layers 2-10 mm. Used for smoothing and leveling uneven floors, with fast …

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Aquasil Smart - Complementary Products - Adhesive and grouts

Aquasil Smart

Ready to use, very fast drying flexible liquid membrane for internal and external waterproofing applications. Ideal for waterproofing surfaces prior to installation of ceramic …

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Betofix R3 - Repairing of Concrete - Repairing of Masonry Walls, Putties - Repairing products

Betofix R3

Fast curing fiber-reinforced cement-based polymer modified non-shrinking mortar for demanding structural concrete repairs. Deliveres more than twice the compressive strength compared to common concrete, …

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Ecoflex - Products of the system - External wall insulation


Polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced, cement-based adhesive and reinforcement coating, for installation of insulation plates of expanded polystyrene, mineral wool etc. on building facades and floors. Ecoflex …

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Kapa flex - Products of the system - Acrylic Plasters - External wall insulation - Plasters

Kapa flex

The original 100% acrylic non combustible and highly flexible render. Features high colour stability following the drying process and limitless color options in various …

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Bau Cure - Complementary products - Floorings

Bau Cure

Polymer modified curing agent for fresh concrete. · Protects fresh concrete from quick evaporation of mixing water. · Decreases the setting shrinkage of concrete. …

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Hardox S36 - Complementary products - Floorings

Hardox S36

Concrete hardening impregnation · Water-based impregnation emulsion, based on acrylic resins and silicates · Improves surface strength and reduces dust emission · Enhances surface …

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Bausil - Bauer Resina - Products of the system - Complementary Products - Plasters


Acrylic water-based varnish for waterproofing BAU RESINA microcement decorative system. BAUSIL is a water repellent matt transparent impregnation system, without solvents for complete waterproofing …

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Supersil Anti Mould - Waterproofing products - Waterproofing for Joints

Supersil Anti Mould

Acidic silicon with long lasting anti-mould action. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and places that are in permanent contact with water. For joints between glazed …

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Supersil Neutral - Joint Sealants - Waterproofing products - Waterproofing for Joints - Repairing products

Supersil Neutral

Jointing neutral silicone. Ideal for all applications in construction and industry. Suitable for windows, joints between window frames and walls, joints of different materials …

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